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Welcome to Biophysics Lab

Biophysics is an interdisciplinary area that studies the structure and function of biological systems from a physics perspective. The Biophysics Group was consolidated in 2005 with the establishment of its laboratory at Universidad de los Andes. Initially research was focused in the study of biophysical properties of cell membranes and, with time, it expanded to include other research areas. Currently, it has three full-time professors with broad research experience and a strong publication record in high-impact scientific journals. The research group focuses on three main areas within biophysics: membrane biophysics, molecular and cellular biomechanics and systems and synthetic biology.

Research Areas

Membrane biophysics

Cellular and Molecular Biomechanics, Microscopy

Systems biology

About the Laboratory

Biophysics laboratory in the Universidad de los Andes, one of the most important and innovative.
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